Welcome to Ask DeAvila Sadé

Depression?! Anxiety?!Post-Graduate Blues?! Relationship Troubles?! Critical of Self?! Feeling Rejected?! Then this is the show for you!

AskDeAvilaSadé is a new, creative show that provides listeners with words of comfort and a listening ear. DeAvila Sadé, the host, is a therapist on and off the clock. Her goal for this show is to provide advice and psychoeducation on mental health issues as well as record responses to letters sent in by her growing audience in hopes that someone will feel understood as well as aid others who may battle from the same situations.

AskDeAvilaSadé would like to receive letters from individuals who may be seeking guidance about college (undergraduate/graduate), post-graduate blues, relationships (family, friends, significant others), self-doubt, mental health concerns (anxiety, depression, trauma), etc. Please feel free to send in a letter/question for a potential episode by emailing AskDeAvilaSade@gmail.com.

DeAvila Sadé, LCSW, LSSW is currently working as an Individual and Family Therapist. She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and Masters in Social Work from the University of Memphis. She has worked with countless college students and children through internships and work experience.